News from the Front Pt 2

Our Co-Director Evan Mirapaul has put together a list of his recommendations for the Front Triennial in Cleveland.

Cleveland Museum of Art:
Unless you plan to get tickets for the Kusama show, I'm not sure there's so much at CMA to merit a separate trip. I loved the Luisa Lambri exhibit, but it's very small and esoteric. It's in front of a super installation by Marlon de Azambuja. Barbara Tannenbaum's Danny Lyon show is amazing though it's not technically part of Front. I didn't love the Kerry James Marshall work on paper or the Ruppersberg. 

Address: 11150 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44106
Hours: Friday 10AM–9PM, Saturday 10AM–5PM, Sunday 10AM–5PM, Monday Closed, Tuesday 10AM–5PM, Wednesday 10AM–9PM, Thursday 10AM–5PM

Cleveland MoCA:
There's meant to be a super Cyprien Gailliard video here. It was down for technical reasons when I went. Call and make sure it's running before you head over. 

Address: 11400 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106
Hours: Friday 11AM–9PM, Saturday 11AM–5PM, Sunday 11AM–5PM, Monday Closed, Tuesday 11AM–6PM, Wednesday 11AM–6PM, Thursday 11AM–6PM 

Cleveland Library:
The Yinka Shonibare piece is super. Well worth a visit. Dan Leers says to make sure to make use of the iPads on hand to look up the history of some of the names on the spines of the books. It's illuminating and shows new depth of this piece. If you're going to Akron, don't miss the SUPER Shonibare in the permanent collection there. 
Address: 325 Superior Ave. 
Hours: Mon–Sat: 10–6PM

Federal Reserve Bank is tough to see because it's open very few hours. I'm told the video installation is worth seeing but it wasn't open when I went on a weekend.

Hours: Monday – Thursday 9:30–2:30PM

The Arcade:

If you go downtown for the library, stop in across the street at the Arcade for a lovely small show of prints that illustrates a never-realized Cleveland mural project.

Address: 401 Euclid
Hours: Wednesday - Sunday 11-5PM

Dawoud Bey:

This is an amazing work. Lauded by many as the best in show. I don't need to say more than you will read when you go. Well worth the drive. 

Address: 2600 Church 
Hours: Wednesday – Sunday: 11–5PM


Michael Rackowski's work, "A Color Removed" is as powerful as it gets. A must see in my book. Again, it's well explained when you go so I don't need to elaborate here. Check it out....

Address: 2900 Detroit Rd.
Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 12–5PM, Thursday 12–8PM

Akron Art Museum:

Don't miss this just because you think Akron is out of the way. It's not. The AAM permanent collection has some stunners. As part of Front, in addition to the Byrne video, I loved the work of Jamal Cyrus and Katrín Sigurdardóttir. Just down the road from the AAM is the University of Akron Art Gallery, which is featuring 3 Pittsburgh artists in a show called "A House Not A Home". More info here: